Medical School Linkages

Medical school linkages can be a great way to put your medical education and career on the fast track. Students who are admitted to a medical school via a linkage can accelerate their enrollment by starting their medical studies in the term following completion of their post-baccalaureate program, thus bypassing the glide year.

A linkage is a special relationship between a post-baccalaureate premedical program and a medical school. The participating schools listed below have agreed to give Northwestern University premedicine students who qualify for admission the opportunity to enroll directly after finishing the requirements of the premedicine post-baccalaureate program.


Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences
Rutgers School of Dental Medicine

Students who are interested in a linkage program must discuss it with their academic adviser since it can be a complex decision. Please understand that an early application is regarded as a commitment to attend if accepted, so students can only apply to one of these schools. Note that the application requirements and dates vary by school.

To be eligible for admission, students must:

  • Complete all premedical requirements by the end of the spring quarter (For both the 21-month and 12-month program)
  • Take the MCAT or DAT by a specified date in the spring and receive specified minimum score (if required)
  • Maintain a very strong academic record, including a specified minimum GPA (if required)
  • Be selected to interview
  • Be admitted by the school’s admissions committee
Fiona Fimmel

[the science curriculum] way over-prepared me, in a good way. I’m sure that there were questions that the MCAT could have thrown at me that I only would have been able to answer because I took specific classes with professors who taught at a distinguished level.”

Fiona Fimmel, SPS Premed ’19, accepted to George Washington University School of Medicine through linkage program
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