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Biological Sciences

Biological sciences courses carry science credit. Lab courses may not be audited.

BIOL_SCI 215-CN : Genetics and Molecular Biology


This course is the first of a four-course sequence that is completed with BIOL SCI 217 in the fall quarter, BIOL SCI 308 in the winter and BIOL SCI 219 in the spring. The genetics and molecular biology course covers the principles of inheritance; gene function; mechanisms by which DNA is replicated, transcribed into RNAs, and translated into proteins; and the basics of the process of natural selection. This is an asynchronous, remote course.

Prerequisite: one year of general chemistry with laboratory (CHEM 101, 102, 103 or CHEM 110, 131, 132).

Fall 2021
Start/End DatesDay(s)TimeBuildingSection
09/21/21 - 12/11/21Asynch
Asynch 62
InstructorCourse LocationStatusCAESAR Course ID
McDonough, Michele
Volpe, Thomas
Remote Campus
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