Career Options

Mediators may work for themselves, or be appointed by courts to settle disputes. Judges, attorneys and social workers can further their career or start a new one with this program as a cornerstone.

Average Salaries

$91,880 per year for mediators with the appropriate combination of education (after a law degree or MSW) and experience (2010 US Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Court Appointed Mediators

Each county or jurisdiction sets is own rules regarding who can be a court-assigned mediator. You should contact the jurisdictions directly in which you are interested in working. We do not have a database of rules.

In Cook County, the governing rules are in the Cook County Circuit Court Domestic Relations Proceedings, Rule 13.4 - Pre-Trial Phase.

Text of rule:
Date adopted: October 22, 1986
Date amended: April 1, 2009
Summary: The rule orders each case in which child custody or visitation is contested to be directed to mediation and authorizes referral to mediation for matters involving removal. It also addresses confidentiality, outlines the mediation procedure to be followed, and discusses the appointment, qualification and compensation of mediators.

(v) Appointment, Qualification and Compensation for Mediators - Mediators hired under the program should possess a Master’s Degree in Social Work, Psychology, Counseling, or a Juris Doctorate degree or an equivalent in a related field, and at least five (5) years post-degree experience in mental health mediation or a related field. Mediators will be compensated according to the grade level as contained on the schedule of salaries established by the Cook County Board of Commissioners. Prior to conducting mediation conferences, mediators shall be required to attend a forty (40) hour approved mediation training course which shall cover conflict resolution and mediation process and techniques. All mediators shall be required to attend continuing education programs as determined by the Director of the Marriage and Family Counseling Service which shall include, at a minimum, psychological issues and needs of children in cases of separation as well as family dynamics.

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