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Online Programs at Northwestern University School of Professional Studies

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Northwestern SPS offers online master's degrees, bachelor's degrees, and online certificate programs covering a range of academic disciplines. Fully accredited, SPS' online courses marry the best aspects of online technology with the interactivity of the classroom in a format designed to work with students' busy schedules. Many students question if there is a difference between a degree earned online versus attending class on campus. At Northwestern, students will benefit from participating in a prestigious program with no distinctions made as to whether the degree was an online or on-campus format. Regardless of whether you're earning your master's degree, bachelor's degree, or certificate online or in person, the degrees and curricula are equivalent, classes are taught by outstanding Northwestern SPS faculty, and students must meet the same admission standards.

Online Offerings



SPS offers certificate programs in a wide range of topics for those who want to enhance their skill set or explore a new subject without the commitment of a full degree program. Graduate, post-baccalaureate, undergraduate, and professional development programs are offered in a number of formats. Visit the certificate program search page to browse programs.

Tools we use every day

We're online every day communicating, gathering information, and managing our lives. Northwestern's online classrooms use many of the tools we're already using to create opportunities for meaningful learning and engagement with instructors, classmates, and course material. 

Meet some of our students and alums


Stephanie Kang

I’ve never felt more connected with my professors. Even though I’ve never met my faculty in person, I’ve had the strongest relationships in my academic career. ”

Stephanie Kang, MS in Global Health ('16)

I was really interested in an online program because of my work responsibilities. I kept coming back to Northwestern. I did a deep dive into the curriculum and found I really liked the hands-on approach. ”

Nancy Dandridge, Master of Science in Information Systems student
Nancy Dandridge
Jason Okui

I chose the program for its well-rounded curriculum. One of my biggest regrets in college was not taking enough statistics. The program showed me the nuances. Predictive analytics is an art, not cold math. A lot of creativity goes into it. ”

Jason Okui, Master of Science in Predictive Analytics ('16)
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