Supporting Academic and Professional Growth

Career Development

The courses in SPS programs are the first and most important resources in the career development process at SPS. They are where students will develop industry-specific skills, deepen knowledge of theories to improve professional practice, network with peers and colleagues, and gain insights from instructors who are also leaders in their respective fields. 

The SPS Career Development portfolio is designed to complement the career development that's already happening in the classroom and help students master skills that modern professionals need to advance their careers. 

Key Skills

Students at SPS have the opportunity to improve their current skills and learn new techniques that will help them improve their competitiveness in the job market.

Explore Opportunities and Resources

Northwestern Career Advancement

Northwestern Career Advancement (NCA) is the centralized career office on campus serving undergraduate and graduate students, and alumni. NCA employer strategists will help you navigate Northwestern’s recruiting landscape, and assist you in developing a customized recruiting strategy in line with industry trends.

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