NUCPS Mission Statement

The mission of Northwestern University Center for Public Safety is to provide personal and professional development education and training to public safety professional practitioners in the areas of law enforcement leadership and management, special operations professionals and traffic safety and engineering, thereby contributing to the advancement of a secure society by providing current knowledge, skills and connections for public safety professionals to achieve their personal and professional potential.

A Message from NUCPS

With thousands of former students engaged in law enforcement and traffic safety professions around the globe, NUCPS has earned the reputation as a leader in law enforcement professional development and education.

Our commitment to excellence is stronger than ever. Our values and mission statement continue to drive us to provide the highest quality training and education to those who commit their lives to preserving the peace and serving others. As a student you deserve nothing less. You will find our programs challenging and rewarding. We will bring out the best in you and provide the educational tools to enable you to maximize your knowledge, skills and abilities. We invite you to become part of an elite cadre of public service professionals making a global impact on public safety.

Michelle Camden

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A Brief History of NUCPS

For more than 80 years, NUCPS has maintained a reputation of excellence in traffic crash investigation and law enforcement management education. In 1936, Northwestern established the Traffic Safety Institute and named Evanston Police Lt. Franklin M. Kreml as its founding director. The Institute quickly became a leader in traffic crash investigation and safety. In fact, we literally “wrote the book” on traffic crash investigation and reconstruction with a text that continues to set the standard for accident investigation professionals. NUCPS also helped to successfully lobby for the establishment of the Highway Safety Act of 1970 which created the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. In 2000, Northwestern renamed the Traffic Institute as the Northwestern University Center for Public Safety (NUCPS).

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