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The Northwestern Police Motorcycle Instructor Training Program is the nation’s premier training for police motorcycle instructors. Our program's instructors are the most experienced available and have trained thousands of students from agencies throughout the U.S. and around the world. Ours is the only program that combines in-the-saddle instruction with a focused curriculum. Better training cannot be found. 

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Bring Your Own Motorcycle

NUCPS Police Motorcycle program participants must supply their own motorcycles. Cycles must be fully functional and in good operating condition. 


Northwestern Police Motorcycle Instructor Training™

Tuition: $2100 | Prerequisites:  Valid, unrestricted motorcycle endorsement from student’s state of residence (temporary or provisional permits not accepted). Registration is restricted to law enforcement, military police, or approved emergency response personnel.

Earn Your Northwestern Police Motorcycle Instructor Certification! The three-week Northwestern Police Motorcycle Instructor Training™ (PMIT) course prepares participants to teach the 80-hour NUCPS Police Motorcycle Operator Training™ course to officers in their own agency. Upon successful completion, candidates will receive their initial Northwestern Police Motorcycle Instructor certification, which is valid for three years.  Through a demonstration of their ability to conduct high-caliber training, certified Northwestern Police Motorcycle Instructors provide their agencies with reduced risk and improved safety.

NUCPS' own expert instructors teach the PMIT program. During Week One, these experienced teachers review adult education applications, familiarize students with course set up and instruction of basic practical operator exercises, and provide critiques of instructional techniques. To continue further, candidates must satisfactorily complete the Week One exam, which includes a skills test and a test on the general principles of performance and operation. Weeks Two and Three are integrated with our Northwestern Police Motorcycle Operator Training™ course and give instructor candidates a supervised, hands-on teaching experience. 

A full list of required and optional equipment and further details can be found on the class section registration page. 

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Northwestern Police Motorcycle Instructor Recertification

Northwestern Police Motorcycle Instructor Recertification™ (PMIR) ensures all certified instructors maintain the superior knowledge, skills, and teaching methods expected of NUCPS-certified police motorcycle instructors.  

Choose Your Testing Format! Virtual or On-Ground

NUCPS-certified police motorcycle instructors with expiring or recently expired certifications can choose between an on-ground or virtual format for renewing their instructor certificates. Both recertification formats involve a test of riding and teaching abilities. Registrants for both formats receive a copy of the most recent edition of the Northwestern Center for Public Safety Motorcycle Instructor Manual to use in preparation for their exams. Upon successful completion, participants receive a new 3-year instructor certificate, which authorizes them to continue training police motorcycle operator students at their agencies using our copyrighted training curriculum, instruction, and riding exercises. 

Virtual or On-Ground Tuition: $350  |  Prerequisites:  Northwestern Police Motorcycle Instructor Certification; valid, unrestricted motorcycle endorsement from your state of residence (temporary or provisional permits not accepted). Registration is restricted to law enforcement, military police, or approved emergency response personnel.

Motorcycle Instructor Certification Expirations

Don't Let Your Instructor Certification Expire!

Instructors are certified for three (3) years* to teach the copyrighted Northwestern Police Motorcycle Operator curriculum, materials, and riding exercises to officers in their agencies. Instructors must complete the Police Motorcycle Instructor Recertification on or before their expiration date to maintain their Active Status. After the certificate's expiration date, those who have NOT successfully completed a virtual or on-ground recertification course have a Lapsed Certification status for up to one year. Finally, after one year, Lapsed Certification changes to Expired Certification status.

Unless otherwise approved, only Active or Lapsed instructors may enroll in a recertification course. Those with an Expired Certification status who wish to restore their Active standing may be required to retake the Northwestern Police Motorcycle Instructor Training course.

An Expired Certification means:

  1. Northwestern no longer considers the instructor qualified to teach the Northwestern Police Motorcycle Officer Training™ course;
  2. Instructors are prohibited from using Northwestern curriculum, training materials, or riding exercises; and,
  3. Instructors with expired certifications are prohibited from representing themselves as NUCPS-certified instructors.

 * The final 5-year certification course was completed in February 2018. Instructors holding 5-year certificates will receive new 3-year certificates upon completion of their next PMIR program. 

Certification Limits & Additional Information

  • Instructor Certification is limited to providing instruction for members of instructors' own agency. Training non-agency students or charging a fee for training without a current NUCPS Police Motorcycle Instructor certification may result in the suspension or revocation of instructor certification.
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