Scientific crash investigation has been a part of the Northwestern University Center for Public Safety since its inception in 1936.  We offer on-ground and online comprehensive traffic crash investigation and reconstruction courses that range from core crash investigation courses through advanced crash reconstruction electives.

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Traffic Crash Investigation & Reconstruction

NUCPS Crash Series

Crash Investigation 5-Course Sequence

Our five-course series is the core of our Traffic Crash Investigation & Reconstruction program. These internationally respected courses are prerequisites for many of our advanced reconstruction courses and is comprised of Crash Investigation 1, Crash Investigation 2, Vehicle Dynamics, Traffic Crash Reconstruction 1, and Traffic Crash Reconstruction 2.
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Crash electives

NUCPS Crash Reconstruction Electives

Expand your traffic crash investigation and reconstruction expertise with NUCPS elective courses, which include advanced reconstruction classes, a Crash Data Retrieval sequence, hands-on sUAS courses, and crash courses for all student levels. Most of our elective courses include ACTAR CEUs.
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NUCPS Crash & Reconstruction News / Links

TCR 2023


The newest edition of our classic text is coming soon! All chapters are revised, updated, and enhanced. Among the many expanded topics are Monte Carlo Analysis, Motorcycle Reconstruction, Pedestrian / Bicycle Reconstruction, Heavy Trucks, and more. Chapter authors include such industry leaders as Roger Barrette, Gary Cooper, Lynn Fricke, Lou Peck, Dr. Jeffery Muttart, Brad Muir, Nathan Rose, and others. Click below for publication date and ordering information notice! 

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Textbooks and templates

Crash Textbooks & Templates

New! Traffic Crash Investigation, 11th Edition, is available for purchase on Amazon. Even better: It is Amazon Prime eligible for speedy delivery!

All of our crash templates and textbooks also are available online through the Northwestern University Barnes & Noble Bookstore. Use the magnifying glass icon at the top right to search for your product on the NU bookstore website. If you need help finding your book or template, please contact the Northwestern Barnes & Noble Bookstore at (847) 491-3991.

NUCPS Fricke Cooper Award

Deadline Is Coming! Apply Now for the 2023 Fricke Cooper Achievement Award

The deadline is November 1, 2023, for this year's Fricke Cooper Award.

Find out if you meet the award's eligibility and download your application for this prestigious achievement. 

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NUCPS Traffic Crash Reconstruction Professional Logo

Obtain your custom NUCPS Traffic Crash Reconstruction Professional email signature logo! We invite qualifying students to download, complete, and submit the Traffic Crash Reconstruction logo request form. Qualifying students will are those who have successfully completed all five of our core five-course Crash Investigation & Reconstruction series (Crash 1, Crash 2, Vehicle Dynamics, Reconstruction 1, and Reconstruction 2). 

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