Traffic Crash Investigation and Safety Engineering

Scientific crash investigation has been a part of the Northwestern University Center for Public Safety since its inception in 1936.  We offer on-ground and online comprehensive traffic crash investigation and reconstruction courses that range from introductory crash investigation through advanced crash reconstruction and engineering courses. 

What to Bring to Class: Supplies and equipment (e.g., laptop, calculators) for Crash courses can be downloaded here . Note: For a printable, detailed overview and syllabus of Crash Programs click here.

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Crash Investigation

Foundational Series

The following courses are the bedrock of our Crash Investigation & Reconstruction program and serve as prerequisites to advanced traffic crash reconstruction courses. Crash Investigation 1, Crash Investigation 2, and Vehicle Dynamics build upon each other and should be taken in the series' order.

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Traffic Crash Reconstruction Courses

New Offering! Heavy Truck Forensic Mechanical Inspection for Collision Investigators

Tuition: $1100 | Prerequisites: None
Obtain the skills required to properly document and analyze the unique aspects of commercial motor vehicle crashes. Both lecture and hands-on study focus on mechanical inspections of heavy vehicles damaged in collisions. Topics and components studied in this course include: heavy vehicle nomenclature; braking systems; suspension systems; wheel systems; steering systems; and, proper forensic investigation methods. Participants apply lecture material to hands-on experiences by mechanically examining and testing a truck damaged in a collision. Students complete this course with the ability to explain how specific components may factor into a collision event. They also become capable of restoring a damaged air-brake system on a heavy-duty commercial vehicle to pre-collision condition in order to collect data for calculations used to evaluate braking efficiency.

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Crash Data Retrieval Courses

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