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spsc40.pngSchool of Police Staff & Command (SPSC) offers an unparalleled education in public safety leadership and management that helps prepare experienced law enforcement professionals for success in senior command positions. 

Since its inception 40 years ago, law enforcement agencies throughout the U.S. and around the globe have recognized the important impact SPSC makes on their leadership and management teams. Through an innovative combination of academic principles with practical applications, our intensive curriculum focuses on such critical areas as planning and policies, media relations, organizational behavior, budgeting and resource allocation, human resources, contemporary policing, and more.

 Students who successfully complete SPSC are better prepared to:

  • Think globally rather than remain task-oriented;
  • Deliver services effectively and efficiently;
  • Successfully accomplish team-oriented projects and tasks;
  • Analyze the environment;
  • Mitigate legal exposure; and,
  • Develop systems of accountability.

Research is a key component of SPSC, and all students are required to write an objective, well-documented staff study addressing a problem or issue currently affecting the student’s organization. Because the student’s research project originates from a timely and critical issue facing that student’s agency, the resulting staff study can be put to use immediately.

SPSC adjunct instructors and guest lecturers are experts in their respective SPSC units. They enhance the program's learning experience by not only teaching critical concepts and strategies — but also how to effectively implement the concepts, apply the strategies, and lead situations where the problems are real and agency outcomes are critical.

Fellow students are experienced public safety professionals, and course activities are designed to allow for class members to learn from one another’s experiences and to build relationships and networks that will last long after graduation.   SPSC is not appropriate for entry-level officers, deputies, or troopers. We recommend Supervision of Police Personnel for those recently appointed to their first supervisory position.

SPSC Detailed Curriculum

SPSC Curriculum

The School of Police Staff & Command is known for its rigorous academic curriculum. Please click on the button below to learn more details about our program.
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Tuition, Prerequisites & Credits

On-Ground Tuition: $4400+ (varies by location) | Online Tuition: $4,200

Prerequisites: 2 years of supervisory experience; completion of Supervision of Police Personnel is highly recommended.
Northwestern University credit: 6 units of credit under the Northwestern University quarter system.

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Prospective students can select an on-ground or online experience. The curriculum is the same no matter which format a student chooses.





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NUCPS Executive Leadership Award

Students who successfully complete NUCPS' three core leadership and management courses — Supervision of Police Personnel, School of Police Staff & Command, and the Executive Management Program) are eligible to apply for the NUCPS Executive Leadership Award. Learn more . . .

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