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Northwestern Center for Public Safety Traffic Template - Set

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Called "the most recognized piece of plastic in the accident investigation world" by the National Association of Traffic Accident Reconstructionists and Investigators (NATARI), this instrument allows crash investigators, engineers, architects, claim adjusters, lawyers and other professionals to quickly prepare scale maps of traffic accidents, calculate speeds from skidding distances, estimate stopping and acceleration distances, change miles-per-hour to feet-per-second (Metric model changes kilometers-per-hour to meters-per-second), measure angles and grades and illustrate arrangement of parked vehicles.

Made of transparent plastic, it also serves as a clinometer to measure road grades and super elevations when used with a slightly modified clipboard.

The template set consists of the traffic template (10 3/4" x 4 1/2") and the mini pocket size template (6" x 3"). A detailed, illustrated 20-page instruction manual is included (Metric manual in English or Spanish).

Price: $16.00

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