Tuition costs differ for each Northwestern University School of Professional Studies program. Find information below on financial obligations and tuition costs for the Clinical Research certificate program.


2023–24 Tuition

  • Tuition per course: $4,444
  • Estimated cost for a four course certificate program: $18,276*

Tuition levels are reviewed on a yearly basis and can be adjusted based on market dynamics. On average, when an adjustment has been made, it has been approximately +/- 3.5%.

Program Fees

* Online courses in this program are assigned a technology fee of $125 per course. This fee is included in the estimated total above.

** In addition, some online courses require a proctored exam. These exams typically cost approximately $25 to $30 each. Students are responsible for the costs of all proctored exams taken.

Financial Aid

Graduate certificate programs do not qualify for federal student loans. Private education loans may be available to assist with tuition and fee expenses. For more information about these loans, including information on how to apply, please visit the Chicago Financial Aid Office website.

Financial Obligation

Students will be required to pay tuition costs and any costs associated with any books and materials.

Employer Tuition Reimbursement

The University's Employer Reimbursement Plan (ERP) is designed for students whose employers offer reimbursement for tuition costs. The plan allows participants to defer their employer-covered tuition payments to Northwestern until after the term has been completed. Please contact the Office of Student Accounts for more information and an application form.

Financial Aid Eligibility

As at most universities, Northwestern University grant and scholarship aid, assistantships and stipends are reserved for PhD and MFA candidates.

Graduate certificate students enrolled in at least two units per term may qualify for federal student loans. Students enrolled in less than two units may still qualify for private educational loans.  For information about the financial aid application process and forms of available financial aid, please visit the Chicago Office of Financial Aid website.

Only courses listed as required for the graduate certificate may be covered by financial aid. Students may only receive financial aid to cover the total number of courses listed as required to complete the certificate (maximum of 4 courses per certificate).

Graduate students should direct questions to the Chicago Office of Financial Aid or by calling 312-503-8722.

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