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Career Options

Communication Systems Major

Career Options

The communication systems major provides students with effective interpersonal, organizational, intercultural, ethical and media-savvy communication expertise, as well as the practical skills of information technology crucial for work in a broad range of fields related to technology, media and communication. Communications systems graduates work in the information industry, computer-mediated communication, management, public policy, mass media and a variety of other commercial and non-profit areas.

The SPS Student Services team is invested in preparing adult students to apply their Northwestern education to their next step of professional success. Bachelor’s degree students are encouraged to discuss their career goals with their academic advisers, who are available to help with job search strategies, resume review, and provide program-tailored career advice.

A range of career resources is available from SPS Student Services, and undergraduate SPS students also use advising, programming, and resources from Northwestern Career Advancement (NCA), the comprehensive career services office at the Evanston campus.

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